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The design studio “I Design Simplicity Interior” under the leadership of Zhantovan Anna since 2010 has been engaged in interiors not only in living quarters, but also in commercial premises. We are interested in every project. We will be happy to choose wallpaper for one room in a cramped apartment with great pleasure or to make an individual design project for the whole house. We always listen to the client’s wishes, evaluate and select implementation options taking into account technical features. We are ready to offer you ideas for the best planning solutions, not forgetting the functionality. Also, we acquaint you with new trends and technologies, both design and repair. Each of our projects is the creation and embodiment of an exclusively original idea. We are sure that every interior design is always a unique product!


  • Standard design

    • Field visits and measurements;
    • Photo fixation;
    • Completion of technical requirements;
    • Measurement plan of the room;
    • Redevelopment plan (up to 3 options);
    • Furniture placement plan;
    • Installation plan;
    • Dismantling plan;
    • Ceiling design plan;
    • Floor coverings plan;
    • Layout plan of lighting devices;
    • Layout plan of circuit breakers;
    • Layout plan of sockets and cable leads;
    • Layout plan for air conditioners;
    • Layout plan for sanitary ware;
    • Layout of tiles in the bathrooms;
    • Floor heating plan;
    • 3D-visualization of rooms (usually 3-4 types of each room);
    • Statement for finishing materials;

  • Draft design

    • Measurement plan of the room;
    • Redevelopment plan;
    • Furniture placement plan;
    • Sketch visualization of rooms (usually 1-2 types of each room);

  • Designer Consultation

    • One-time on-site consultation or on-line one with an experienced designer;
    • Field visits and inspection of accommodation;
    • Decide on the style;
    • Decide on the purposes of zones in rooms;
    • Methods of highlighting zones (through material and light);
    • Ways to address the shortcomings of a particular room;
    • Types of materials for decor;
    • Color solutions (primary color and accent ones);
    • Current trends in interior design;

  • Design analysis before buying an apartment

    From the several variants of apartments (houses) that you liked, we will help you with the choice of one with the most successful layout and also evaluate its potential. How do we work?
    Our designer visits you, studies the features of the facility, and then captures your wishes, including all the nuances - the number of rooms, their functional purpose.
    We develop various options for a planning solution, and you select the one that exactly matches your ideas about the future ideal interior of an apartment or house.

  • Desig-ul proiectului - Economie

    Acest set include:
    • Planul de măsurare a încăperii;
    • Opțiuni pentru planificarea soluțiilor (până la 3 opțiuni);
    • Planul de demontare;
    • Planul de reamenajare;
    • Planul de amplasare a mobilierului și echipamentelor;

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Apartments design

In order to make a house or apartment not only beautiful, but also as convenient as possible. A cozy and comfortable room is, first and foremost, an aura that can be created even in a typical layout, Despite the fact of size. It should be understood that a universal method of interior design does not exist. That is why the development of the interior design of a cottage or apartment is a creative and very time- consuming process that requires not only a professional approach from the specialist, but, above all, important decisions regarding the future interior design from the customer himself. The main quality in such housing is the rational use of each square meter in the within the confines of the general idea.

Design of commercial premises

For the comfort of employees and customers of any commercial institution, the professional organization of space is very important. Developing an office design or decoration for a cafe, restaurant, bar, shopping center, we always strive to achieve several goals at once. First of all, we focus on the formation of an atmosphere in which people can work productively and also relax. Moreover, we make premises, the area where the workflow takes place, a stylish business card.


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